India People and Careers

Our people are our business and we provide them with the mentorship and resources to grow and exceed expectations, no matter where their careers take them.

Our Roles

Business Analyst

Our analyst program offers you the opportunity to experience management consulting in a uniquely collegial way. We seek talented problem solvers who are ready to contribute immediately to the client team. Typical responsibilities include developing models, performing complex analyses, and working on both on- and offsite research. Most business analysts join us immediately after graduating with undergraduate degrees in fields such as business, engineering, and liberal arts. Others join after gaining industry experience, studying abroad, or pursuing graduate work in non-business areas. Those with more experience should apply for our senior business analyst role. 

Summer Associate

Kearney’s summer consultant program offers you the opportunity to experience management consulting in a uniquely collegial way. Our summer program is eight to 10 weeks and begins with an orientation to your local office, followed by training where you will learn the necessary tools and methodologies required for success in management consulting. You will be assigned a mentor who will stay actively engaged with your project manager, and together they will offer continuous support and guidance throughout the program. As a summer associate, together with your project team, you will develop models, perform complex analyses, and work on data-gathering assignments, both at client sites and in the office. Typically, summer associates travel while on assignment to work side-by-side with our clients and client teams.


Our associate position offers unique experiences in a distinctive and entrepreneurial atmosphere. We drive immediate impact and help our clients achieve transformational advantages. We seek candidates who are ready to immediately contribute to client teams. Typical responsibilities include gathering and analyzing data, conducting competitor assessment studies, generating proposals, leading teams, and recommending and implementing co-created actions alongside the client. We nurture your entrepreneurial spirit and are committed to providing you with the hands-on experience that makes a lifelong impact. 


Our managers know how to inspire and excite their talented, driven, and creative colleagues. They lead the day-to-day direction of client projects. Managers develop and champion consulting teams, ensuring the delivery of impeccable, superior work to clients. They stick to advanced budgets and schedules while maintaining high utilization rates. Managers come to us equipped with honed expertise in leading complex teams. 


Our principals manage exciting, complex projects. Their experience and judgment are essential to our clients. Our principals’ expertise drives new business while their hard-won results inspire existing clients. Engagement success is determined by their decisions—budget, schedule execution, quality assurance compliance, and the achievement of our growth and revenue objectives. We’re actively seeking candidates with extensive experience as an engagement manager or as senior staff on complex multimillion dollar consulting assignments.


Our partners are the most trusted advisor to their clients and thought leaders in their areas. They work to develop client relationships and to deliver on client work.  Partners are responsible for developing their teams and preparing the next generation of leaders at the firm. Everyone from business analyst through principal spends time day-to-day with the partners on their team.


Specialist Practices

Global Business Policy Council

For more than 20 years, Kearney's Global Business Policy Council (GBPC) has been dedicated to helping business and government leaders worldwide anticipate and plan for the future. It's about powerfully imagining what may come, and in an ever-more turbulent world, our mission is more important than ever. Learn more

Manufacturing Center of Excellence

Our Manufacturing Center of Excellence (MCoE) meets the challenges of manufacturing consulting in the 21st century. To help our clients prepare for tomorrow, the MCoE combines traditional manufacturing proficiency with future technology thinking. Our experts have deep knowledge in manufacturing, engineering, and supply chain as well as relevant shop-floor and digitization experience. Our work with blue-chip companies enables them to synergize with client teams and develop solutions that have an immediate impact and a long-term advantage. Learn more

Digital Center of Excellence

Our Digital Center of Excellence (CoE) brings together powerful skills in a wide range of areas—from digital business models and digital products and services to experience design, architecture, and big data—along with hands-on experience and technologies such as 3D printing, artificial intelligence, embedded and sensor-based software, bitcoin payments, augmented reality, and cyber security. Digital seems to be the go-to solution for all of today’s challenges, with the masses pointing to technology’s potential to change the world. Kearney harnesses the power of digital and sees beyond the hype. Learn more.

PCE Labs

Proposition & Customer Experience (PCE) Labs is a multidisciplinary capability platform designed to supercharge a company’s ability to deliver innovative next-generation customer propositions during pivotal customer events. These capabilities include customer sciences, design thinking, products, partnerships, and PCE methodology expertise. Using this approach and backed by PCE Labs’ capabilities, our clients gain a number of competitive advantages. Check back soon for opportunities to join PCE Labs. Learn more.


Businesses produce incredible amounts of data from their systems and devices. With Helios, we help our clients unlock value by harnessing that data in real time, using advanced analytics to identify opportunities to improve efficiency. Then, we harness the power of our consultants to capitalize on the opportunities that emerge. An array of industries have seen huge success with Helios—from lowering a telecom’s energy consumption to creating and expanding advanced maintenance programs. Check back soon for opportunities to join Helios.