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Unlocking the $7 billion prize in India’s aviation MRO market

The maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) sector now has a powerful opportunity to support the aviation industry, and India is well-positioned to leapfrog many of the incumbents. In this article, Kearney, in collaboration with Adani Defence and Aerospace, presents a comprehensive view of the market’s potential, the potential barriers, and the way forward. Read more.


State of Logistics Tech: 2023

Logistics is one of the largest sectors in India. Fueled by ever-increasing consumer demand, strong growth in the D2C ecosystem, and a constant push to improve service levels, the logistics sector is undergoing a major tech transformation. In this article, Kearney highlights the sector’s biggest trends and the evolving digital ecosystem. Read more.


Streaming the sky: a multibillion-dollar opportunity for airlines and media companies

Recent years have brought radical changes in the media and entertainment sector, in both how we consume content and the way providers take it to market. Mobile devices have become a routine way to consume content: passengers likely prefer their personalized streaming content over the conventional airline-provided in-flight entertainment (IFE) system. In this article, Kearney offers a comprehensive view of how companies can reimagine their customer proposition, reshape their supplier partnerships, and reset the business around the IFE system. Read more.


Three ways to fix the nursing shortage

The global nursing shortage—defined by alarmingly high attrition and vacancy rates—presents an imminent threat to delivering quality healthcare. Statistics indicate that more and more nurses are leaving their jobs permanently. In this article, Kearney highlights a few strategies for the healthcare system to improve the value proposition for nurses. Read more.


What developments in the wind energy sector should my organization be paying attention to?

Here Kearney highlights the main topics discussed in the WindEurope conference: key scenarios and challenges in the supply chain around offshore wind in the European markets. Read more.

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