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Net working capital back in the spotlight: cash remains king

In today’s environment, many organizations are focusing on short-term cash conservation to lower their working capital. However, there’s a need for a two-way approach to create sustainable value: securing immediate cash positions and systematically improving the cash conversion cycle. In this article, we explore the main themes for effectively managing net working capital. More


Mission net zero: a road map for the Indian chemical industry

In India’s pursuit of net zero emissions by 2070, the chemical industry has a pivotal role to play. Currently, the industry is lagging other industries in its public commitments to net zero targets and the pathways to get there. In this report, we offer insights to aid decision-making and define the pathways for the industry’s net zero journey. More


Indian retail’s journey toward a sustainable future

Sustainability is a major theme being discussed around the world. To bring this to life in an Indian context, Kearney has co-authored a report with the Confederation of Indian Industry to provide a road map for decarbonizing the retail ecosystem. More


The midpoint maze

In this article, one of Kearney’s prominent women leaders highlights the challenges that working women are facing in their corporate careers and reflects on some of her biggest learnings for navigating these challenges. More


World Economic Forum: the future of semiconductors

As digitization sweeps into every facet of our daily lives, the rise in semiconductors seems unstoppable. This report summarizes the discussions from the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting with a spotlight on the main challenges and the road ahead for the global semiconductor industry. More

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