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Kearney India Retail Index 2023: has retail shifted focus to new frontiers post-COVID?

Geographic expansion has been one of the more intriguing decisions for retailers. The India Retail Index, with coverage of more than 880 cities, provides an analytical methodology to gauge a city’s retail attractiveness—helping retailers create and refine their go-to-market strategies based on data and well-defined parameters. Read more.


Capital projects execution: the bugbear for India’s chemicals industry

Spanning more than 80,000 commercial products, India's highly diversified chemicals industry is the world’s sixth-largest producer of chemicals. The industry’s growth trajectory hinges on making timely and efficient capex investments. This report captures the key challenges in capital projects execution across various sub-sectors in India and highlights the best practices for solving them. Read more.


The 2023 Kearney Global Services Location Index: Regenerative talent pools

A country’s attractiveness as an offshore location for business services depends largely on its ability to reskill and redeploy the workforce in response to changing market demands and technological disruptions. Kearney’s Global Services Location Index (GSLI) helps companies and government institutions understand and compare the factors that make countries attractive as potential locations for offshoring. Read more.


The Kearney CFX 2023 report: consumers don’t know and brands don’t act

Today’s fashion industry is largely unresponsive to brand claims and consumer demand for sustainability and circularity. As a result, there has been limited progress on shrinking the industry’s large environmental impact. Kearney’s Circular Fashion Index (CFX) sheds light on prominent global fashion brands' efforts to promote circularity. The brands’ CFX score is based on seven dimensions across primary and secondary markets. Read more.


State of Logistics 2023: The great reset

In this publication, Kearney provides a comprehensive point of view on the global logistics industry. The report covers the key trends around new logistical networks and the logistics labor market. Read more.

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