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Kearney India Digital Commerce Index

India's e-commerce is booming thanks to smartphone adoption, affordable Internet, and robust digital payments. The Digital Commerce Index, in collaboration with Meesho, delves into the evolving landscape, digital demographics, and growth drivers. The index highlights new consumer segments, the rise of female consumers, and the untapped potential in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, the Northeast, and the Hindi Heartland, offering strategic insights for navigating the dynamic Indian e-commerce market.  Read more.


Embedded insurance: the way forward

India's general insurance sector has surged to INR 2.6 trillion in FY23, yet it still struggles with low penetration. The spotlight is on embedded insurance, seamlessly integrating into customer journeys. Ecosystems, shaped by changing consumer dynamics, technology, and regulatory backing, are transforming the industry. Successful execution involves strategic partnerships, technology, and customer-centricity. The next phase includes customization, cross-selling, and connected insurance, marking a shift to customer-focused models.  Read more.


Regenerate your pharma operations: it’s time for a step change

India's pharmaceutical industry grapples with challenges such as elevated customer expectations and cost pressures. Despite efforts to improve operational efficiency, the cost of goods sold remains high. Drawing lessons from the consumer-packaged goods sector, we propose a four-step transformation plan, targeting operations strategy, planning, execution excellence, and people management. Bridging the operational gap could yield substantial gains in earnings, revenues, COGS reduction, and working capital for the pharmaceutical sector.  Read more.


Digital escape velocity: accelerating growth in India’s e-commerce space

India's e-commerce sector has surged, doubling e-retail penetration to 7 percent since 2019 thanks to increased Internet access and smartphone adoption. The pandemic accelerated adoption, and success demands clear strategies and specific capabilities. Kearney's framework for e-commerce category excellence identifies seven facets for e-commerce excellence, urging strategic preparation for sustained growth. Read more.


Kearney India Healthcare Index

India's healthcare market is poised for growth, with the hospital industry expected to grow at 10.6 percent and the pharmaceutical industry at 9.2 percent over the next five years. Private equity and venture capital investments in healthcare surpassed $11 billion in 2022 and 2023. However, India's healthcare spending is low, at 2.2 percent of GDP, indicating a need for more infrastructure. The Kearney India Healthcare Index identifies districts with high healthcare demand, potential hubs, and cluster markets, providing insights for strategic geographic expansion in the healthcare sector.  Read more.

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